Our services at a glance

Thanks to the cooperation with our Eye Clinic Theresienhöhe and Realeyes Laser Eye Surgery, we offer the complete range of conservative and surgical ophthalmology.  

Modern technical standards in diagnostics and treatment, experienced ophthalmologists and our trained staff provide the best treatment possible.

Range of refractive surgery services

Refractive surgery is about eye surgery that allows for a life without glasses or contact lenses. The most important of these procedures are:

  • Femto-LASIK (treatment with the Refractive Suite – at the moment the fastest laser platform)
  • Astigmatic Keratotomy
  • Lens implant (artificial lens in addition to the natural lens)
  • Lens exchange (an artificial lens replaces the natural lens)
  • Laser lens replacement (femtosecond laser instead of scalpel)

Other services

  • Diagnostics and treatment of cataract
  • Diagnostics and treatment of glaucoma
  • Plastic eye surgery
  • Retinal diseases/retina diagnostics (macular degeneration, retina-vitreous surgery and diagnostics)
  • Corneal diagnostics
  • Contact lenses/lens diagnostics
  • Consultations for kids
  • Measurement of visual acuity