Technical equipment

The eye centre Palais at the Opera provides state of the art technology for both diagnosis and treatment.

Overview of our technical and diagnostic equipment:

Ophthalmic technology/diagnostics Application
OCT-Spectralis Retinal diagnostics
Ocular coherence tomography Glaucoma diagnostics
Fundus camera Retinal diagnostics/ glaucoma diagnostics/documentation of findings
Pentacam Corneal diagnostics/pre-procedure examination for refractive surgery
Scheimpflug camera Photography for lens diagnostics
Endothelial meter Corneal diagnostics
Field of vision Glaucoma diagnostics/neurologic diagnostics
Goldmann tonometer Glaucoma early screening/diagnostics
Non-contact tonometer Glaucoma early screening/diagnostics
Refractometer Measurement of visual acuity
PlusOptix Measurement of visual acuity for kids
Reading charts (multilingual) Measurement of visual acuity
Examination units Diagnostics of the anterior and posterior eye, visual acuity
Biometric device Initial examination for cataract surgery
Fluorescein angiography Retinal diagnostics/macular diagnostics
Ultrasound Retinal diagnostics/vitreous body diagnostics
HRT Evaluation of the optic nerves in glaucoma
Electrophysiology Examination for the proper function of the optic nerves and the macula